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  WHO WE ARE    
  The SHOE TIME Stores,  were   created   to  
    combine   the   best   of   Asian   resourcing  
    with western creative  minds.

   We  are  footwear  chain stores driven   by a 
   deeply   rooted  passion   to  be  the best  at 
   what we do.

   We  strive to  have  the  Shoe Time Stores 
   and  their  various activities  to be synonymous 
   with the best in comfort and stylish driven 
   footwear for you and your whole family.
    Our  MISSION  is to  become a dominant
        Canadian  supplier  of  light,  soft,  flexible 
        stylish and comfortable  footwear for you
        and your whole family.
        We  intend  to profitably  do  business   by 
        identifying  growth  consumer  needs   and  
        working  with  the channels of  distribution 
        that   reach   them.   We  will   achieve our    
        objectives    by    offering    excellence  of 
        product design, competitiveness  in pricing,  
        imaginative marketing,  trustworthy service
        and   the  creation  of  long   term customer